May 26, 2009

New Old Stock Formica For The Vintage Winnebago

Vintage "New Old Stock" Formica for the Counters - Retro "Star" Design
Genuine "Formica"! Label washes off with water - think I'll leave it on the Winnebago's counters though - too cool. This is the "speckled and veined" pattern.

Vintage Travel Trailer / New Kitchen Cabinet Wood Veneer

My Favorite Wood Product in the Entire World - Amber Finish ONLY!
BEFORE - Upper cabinet over kitchen
New Oak Veneer Installed - No Shellac...Yet.
BEFORE - Upper Wall Cabinet - Over Single "Stand Alone" Cabinet
AFTER - New Oak Veneer Installed.
Back Side of New Oak Veneer with "Weldwood" Contact Cement Applied.

After - Veneer applied and one coat of shellac so far.
Another View of same cabinet.
Before Shellac.
Another View - Before Shellac again.
One Coat of Shellac.
Pile 'O Face Frames and Cabinet Sides from "Before".
BEFORE - Kitchen Cabinet - Painted White - and the NOT original blue "Marble" streaked Laminate from the 80's. Ick.
New Counter Plywood / Oak Veneer Face Frame.
New Veneer Installed.
One Coat of Shellac so Far - Only 3 More to go...

May 22, 2009

Vintage Winnebago - Interior Woodwork Repair / Demo

The Little Winnebago...Let the Demo begin...
The ugly old painted face frames and shelves are OUT of the kitchen area.
View in through the doorway - skeleton cabinet!
Upper skeleton cabinet!
Another view...
The cabinet over the kitchen - bottom and face frame have been removed.
Front view of same cabinet.
Kitchen - BEFORE
Kitchen - Sink and range removed.
Kitchen - Face frame and counter top removed.

May 18, 2009

Vintage Travel Trailer / Cabinet Refinishing

Drawers - Sanded
BEFORE - Cabinets had been stained in a Mahogany finish - not the look I wanted. Hoping to bring them back to more of a vintage Birch look again.

AFTER: Doors and drawers were sanded down and coated 3x with amber shellac.

Drawers and cabinet door (backs) done so far.

May 17, 2009

Winnebago - Refinishing the Closet Door Woodwork

Before - Ready to sand
Halfway done with the front side
Complete - Done sanding
Back side with two coats of shellac on. Front side coming soon...

May 13, 2009

Interior Pictures - Vintage Winnebago Travel Trailer

The disaster called a kitchen...Before
Ceiling, cabinets over kitchen and roof vent
Inside the really BIG closet - looks really GOOD!
Closet again
Ceiling of closet
Peel and stick vinyl floor - gotta go...

Close up of roof vent - no water stains seen - that is good news...
Rear of trailer - carpet tacked to walls where banquette seats go...hmmm...
Close up of carpet on walls