September 24, 2008

1950's Pathfinder Travel Trailer

Original Condition - A Vintage Pathfinder Park Model Travel Trailer
                                                             The interior wood, as found.

                                                  Original Bathroom, needs some repairs.
                                                      Porcelain toilet and sink - Love it.

                                              Original fiberglass retro lamp shade and light.

                                       The appliances in these old trailer "homes" are so charming!
More interior woodwork:

                                                             And one more exterior photo:                                                                               

Notes: The Pathfinder was not refurbished by us - we had too many projects at the time, and decided to take a pass.  I still regret it, the interior and body were so darned straight!  Our loss was someone elses total gain...The Pathfinder now Resides in Eastern Washington. The Couple Who Purchased it are starting a Vintage Trailer / Cabin Retreat near Lake Roosevelt.

September 23, 2008

Early 60's Adirondack - Vintage Travel Trailer

The Adirondack is similar to the vintage Metzendorf travel trailer in profile. This one is a work in progress - and has become nearly a complete rebuild. Other than the very solid and overbuilt drop down floor almost everything structural on this specific little trailer has been redone or reworked by a team of three - Me, Myself, and I. Girl Power - it's a wonderful thing.
Work Completed: New plywood walls and sub-floor as in the original, new roof joists, and the aluminum skins are back on. I have also made and installed new plywood seating front and rear and made a unique counter top and storage from a large old aluminum suitcase.
Still Needed: New birch interior wood installed on walls, seats, and cabinets. Roof reinstalled. Sanding and Exterior paint. "New Old Stock" 9" Asphalt Floor Tiles I have been saving for this trailer also need to be installed, and a few various other knick knacks like curtains, bedding, cushions, be updated as it happens!
Sept. 30 - Roof is on - Body Paint is on. Now to get the windows done and installed. Need to get it water tight before the rains hit.
To see a completed trailer with a wood interior, view the last one I have posted - a 1957 Cardinal - the interior turned out exceptionally pretty - There is nothing like the old birch wood interiors - they really glow.
Adirondack Table Base / Leg - Small Tree Trunk I Have Had a Few Years The Dinette Table Top - A Slab of Wood - Amber Shellac x 6 Coats
Dining Table - Not Installed, Just a Dry Fit To See How It looks
More Dinette Table
Cabinet - a "Goodwill" Treasure - Painted, Distressed, with Vintage Hardware

The Old Body is Ready For Paint

                                               New Green and Cream Color Paint
NOTE: These pictures are not in order - to see the tear down and rebuild
keep scrolling down...
New Paint
Masked Off For Paint

Putting the Aluminum Siding Back On - Yeah!
The Roof
New Wood
Dinette Seats, Original Pattern but New CDX Plywood - All Flooring New CDX New Flooring Screwed Down
New Old Stock 9" Asphalt Tiles for the Floor - Sweet Deal From Craigs List!
Instide of Dinette Seat - Stained white so it would be bright inside
Vintage Aluminum Suitcase Turned into Counter Top - No Veneer as Yet
Aluminum Skins Down for Pattern Making
New Front End
Roof Framing
New Plywood
Adirondack Roof Graphics - Painted Out from the "Shadow" Left of the Original
Yeah, More Rotten Plywood...More to Come...
Aliminum Side Skins
Getting U-G-L-Y
Ouch. That Hurts.
Front - Gone....

1961 Northwest Coach Vintage Travel Trailer / Canned Ham

Exterior Before:

Exterior After:
New Paint, Coker Whitewall Tires, Baby Moon Hubcaps

                                                                     Interior Photos
                                         The original dinette table was too beat up to keep.
                                                    New Laminate installed on table.

                       Table installed, with the original turquoise vinyl dinette seats & new tropical print curtains.

                                                 Woodwork - Original Icebox was Painted
                                                                Before: Old Counter
                       After: New Laminate Kitchen Counter in same laminate as the dinette table.
                                 Scalloped "gingerbread" woodwork installed at edge beneath counter top.
New Formica Installed on Original Dinette Table

                                                       The floor tiles are original to the trailer.

                                  New Paint on Exterior, Coker Whitewalls and Baby Moons.