September 24, 2008

1950's Pathfinder Travel Trailer

Original Condition - A Vintage Pathfinder Park Model Travel Trailer
                                                             The interior wood, as found.

                                                  Original Bathroom, needs some repairs.
                                                      Porcelain toilet and sink - Love it.

                                              Original fiberglass retro lamp shade and light.

                                       The appliances in these old trailer "homes" are so charming!
More interior woodwork:

                                                             And one more exterior photo:                                                                               

Notes: The Pathfinder was not refurbished by us - we had too many projects at the time, and decided to take a pass.  I still regret it, the interior and body were so darned straight!  Our loss was someone elses total gain...The Pathfinder now Resides in Eastern Washington. The Couple Who Purchased it are starting a Vintage Trailer / Cabin Retreat near Lake Roosevelt.


matchbox20girl said...

Hello! I found your blog while on Attempt #5,789,909 in identifying my new vintage trailer...very cool! Unfortunately the only similarities I found were a light shade. Thanks for the interesting read though!

Dixon said...


I have been there, done that! Try looking for an old travel trailer named an "Adirondack" sometime - all I ever see are photos of mountains and lawn furniture.

Hope you liked the light shade. ;-)

Thanks, and Happy Camping!

Classic said...

I really think that this world is missing the natural class and beauty of the past.

For me trailer's and car's these day's just do not compare to how gorgeous the oldies are, and were.

Love the trailer(s), and the lamp shade's are really cute.