February 23, 2009

Upholstery on Vintage Banquette Seats

1959 Mercury Travel Trailer - As Is "Before" Condition
The Original 1959 Vinyl Seats - Upholstery was Not in Good Enough Shape to Save
Saving the Original Upholstery to Use as a Pattern
Lining Fabric Stapled On Wood Frames
Lining Fabric On - Ready for Upholstery - To Be Continued When The New Fabric Comes In....

February 10, 2009

1957 Cardinal Travel Trailer - Door Window Repair Photos

BEFORE - The original door with broken glass window

Broken window removed from door
That was some thick glass!

                      Beginning to Polish The Metal Window Frame - "Mother's" Polish Worked Great
New glass installed, window reinstalled.
             New Wood Skin Installed on Interior of Door - Shown Here with Refurbished Screen Door

February 6, 2009

Kitchen Cabinet Repair - Vintage Travel Trailer

                                               This is a 1957 Cardinal Travel Trailer.
The charred wood upper kitchen cabinet was believed to be caused by someone leaving the stove unattended - lucky thing they didn't burn the trailer down!

                                                              Wood skin was removed.
Burned / bad framing pieces were removed and used as a template for new wood.

New birch "Wiggle Wood" was installed - glued and clamped.

With 5-6 coats of amber shellac. The original door and copper lights reinstalled.

Another view.
Thanks for looking, and happy camping!

Formica Replacement - 1961 Northwest Coach Travel Trailer

The old Formica was a pretty design, but it was just too worn to keep...shown here with metal edge band removed.
AFTER - New laminate installed and original edge band installed using new stainless screws with a decorative head. (Blue legs are the work table it is sitting on - not the actual table base).