August 29, 2009

Installing the Rope Trim at the Ceiling

August 28, 2009

Todays Progress on The Little Vintage Travel Trailer

The Wood is in above the Kitchen Counter
The Refrigerator - Open
The Refrigerator Door is Painted and Installed - This is Red PRIMER.  I planned on priming and painting it, but seeing this color, I fell hard for it.  I will take it apart one more time and clear coat the red in a Matte finish.  I like that it does not have a sheen to it.  It goes really well with the other interior colors.
Before - the vent at ceiling
After - Trimmed out
The Charles M. Russell Western Print "The Jerk Line" is trimmed out
The New Table Hanging hardware arrived from Vintage Trailer Supply 
The table is installed!
The brushed Stainless is propped up and waiting to be installed in the kitchen
Another View.  This is going to be tricky - Whoever put this in the first time cut it short - I am going to have to come up with some creative trim work....oh well - cleaning it was at least half of the battle! All in all, a very productive day!

August 21, 2009

The Winnebago's Floor Is Installed

The new floor is in, and the seating / bedding boxes have new wood applied to their lower faces. Shellac was applied over the pumpkin colored paint.
View from the Entry Door.

View in Through the Rear Window. (Rear seat boxes were not done yet).
Inside one of the Wheel Wells - The other Wheel Well Is the Same.

Before: Closet With New Sub Floor...

After: Linoleum Installed - There were exactly 20 pieces of the 50 year old vintage red linoleum, and I used every last bit of it. Not one scrap was left!

Wood Window Valances & Curtains

August 10, 2009

The Painted Side Walls in the Vintage Winnebago Travel Trailer

After PAINTING the original side walls three differnt colors, and not liking any of them. The rear end is new wood with three coats of shellac applied so far.
The last color was a yellow. I dripped some shellac while applying it to the end wall, and liked the color it turned the paint. An idea was born....
I decided to SHELLAC over the paint on the side walls. Here is the rear side wall with approx. 6 coats of Amber Shellac applied to it in a "cross hatch" pattern to give it an aged and uneven appearance. It kind of reminds me of old plaster or faux burl.
The rear window wall is shellac on wood - the side wall to the left at the rear is shellac over paint.
Here is an example of the yellow paint up against the yellow at rear that has had shellac applied to it.
Here is that same yellow painted wall and face frame with shellac.
Trim has not been installed yet. It will take another two coats to really have the look I am going for. If you attempt this, be is a LOT of coats, and a LOT of cross hatching!