August 10, 2009

The Painted Side Walls in the Vintage Winnebago Travel Trailer

After PAINTING the original side walls three differnt colors, and not liking any of them. The rear end is new wood with three coats of shellac applied so far.
The last color was a yellow. I dripped some shellac while applying it to the end wall, and liked the color it turned the paint. An idea was born....
I decided to SHELLAC over the paint on the side walls. Here is the rear side wall with approx. 6 coats of Amber Shellac applied to it in a "cross hatch" pattern to give it an aged and uneven appearance. It kind of reminds me of old plaster or faux burl.
The rear window wall is shellac on wood - the side wall to the left at the rear is shellac over paint.
Here is an example of the yellow paint up against the yellow at rear that has had shellac applied to it.
Here is that same yellow painted wall and face frame with shellac.
Trim has not been installed yet. It will take another two coats to really have the look I am going for. If you attempt this, be is a LOT of coats, and a LOT of cross hatching!


sarah said...

Have you heard of Puritan trailers? We might have a chance at a little 8' one - I can't find much onfo. Thanks -

Rusty Bucket of Nuts said...

Hi - Wow - 8 feet! That is small! Sorry, no I have not heard of them.

I imagine you have already "googled" Puritan trailers. I would try a vintage trailer board and post there.

The people at "repairing yesterdays trailers" on "" are much more knowledgable than I am on all of the different types of trailers - and they are also very friendly.

Best of luck to you! Would love to see pictures of it if you end up getting it!