February 23, 2009

Upholstery on Vintage Banquette Seats

1959 Mercury Travel Trailer - As Is "Before" Condition
The Original 1959 Vinyl Seats - Upholstery was Not in Good Enough Shape to Save
Saving the Original Upholstery to Use as a Pattern
Lining Fabric Stapled On Wood Frames
Lining Fabric On - Ready for Upholstery - To Be Continued When The New Fabric Comes In....


SheltonDHW said...

Thank you for posting this! I was going back and forth on whether to save the seats in my 1957 trailer and you inspired me to try to save them!

Rusty Bucket of Nuts said...

Very Cool! Thanks for letting me know - I would love to see pictures when you are done! Have you set up a blog for your trailer restoration yet? - if so, please comment back with the address?

Anonymous said...

Hey very cool! I just bought a 63 Shasta astrodome in about the same condition, Its good to see final results for inspiration! take a look @ it ...tincanalley.ning.com thanks, Brian