March 1, 2009

Retro Fabric Curtains in The Shasta

This "Malibu Palm" Retro Floral Upholstery / Drapery Fabric is by Waverly. The Shasta required 10 yards x 54" wide, as I made them very full.
I washed and dryed the fabric on high heat prior to sewing - yes, it shrinks! It shrunk 2" in width and 3" per yard in length. I did do a test yard first, because sometimes the manufacturer means it when they say "Dry Clean Only". I decided that since this fabric was 100% cotton, there was no good reason to not wash and dry it on high and see what happened. Another thing washing accomplished was making the fabric appear even "nubbier" and older. This was exactly the appearance I was going for. The gold brush fringe is a must for this look - it gives it that "authentic retro" appearance in my opinion.

Here are the front curtains, shown drawn.  The lining really does help block the light, and protect the fabric from fading as well. I would always suggest lining your trailer curtains.
The drapery lining fabric is a light pinkish red and white acetate in a basket weave pattern, and was used for all of the tie-backs as seen below as well. 

Here We Have a Heaping Helping of Curtains. It looks like they could have come straight out of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo's place. Vintage 50's Tropical....The flowers and palm fronds are fabulous!  This is one of my all time favorite favorite fabrics!
The selvage edge - and a close up of the weave of the fabric - it is nubby and has a nice thick feel to it - it really does resemble vintage barkcloth.
And here they are shown with the cushion fabrics - A raspberry chenille basketweave for the chevrons, and accent trim pieces, and a chocolate brown cord upholstery fabric for the main body of the cushion covers. I also used the curtain fabric to make the cording shown on the chevron below.  Still sewing the dinette covers in this photo. (I will upload another post on the cushions shortly).
With the rear bed cushions below.
Thanks for looking, and Happy Camping! 

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