September 23, 2008

Early 60's Adirondack - Vintage Travel Trailer

The Adirondack is similar to the vintage Metzendorf travel trailer in profile. This one is a work in progress - and has become nearly a complete rebuild. Other than the very solid and overbuilt drop down floor almost everything structural on this specific little trailer has been redone or reworked by a team of three - Me, Myself, and I. Girl Power - it's a wonderful thing.
Work Completed: New plywood walls and sub-floor as in the original, new roof joists, and the aluminum skins are back on. I have also made and installed new plywood seating front and rear and made a unique counter top and storage from a large old aluminum suitcase.
Still Needed: New birch interior wood installed on walls, seats, and cabinets. Roof reinstalled. Sanding and Exterior paint. "New Old Stock" 9" Asphalt Floor Tiles I have been saving for this trailer also need to be installed, and a few various other knick knacks like curtains, bedding, cushions, be updated as it happens!
Sept. 30 - Roof is on - Body Paint is on. Now to get the windows done and installed. Need to get it water tight before the rains hit.
To see a completed trailer with a wood interior, view the last one I have posted - a 1957 Cardinal - the interior turned out exceptionally pretty - There is nothing like the old birch wood interiors - they really glow.
Adirondack Table Base / Leg - Small Tree Trunk I Have Had a Few Years The Dinette Table Top - A Slab of Wood - Amber Shellac x 6 Coats
Dining Table - Not Installed, Just a Dry Fit To See How It looks
More Dinette Table
Cabinet - a "Goodwill" Treasure - Painted, Distressed, with Vintage Hardware

The Old Body is Ready For Paint

                                               New Green and Cream Color Paint
NOTE: These pictures are not in order - to see the tear down and rebuild
keep scrolling down...
New Paint
Masked Off For Paint

Putting the Aluminum Siding Back On - Yeah!
The Roof
New Wood
Dinette Seats, Original Pattern but New CDX Plywood - All Flooring New CDX New Flooring Screwed Down
New Old Stock 9" Asphalt Tiles for the Floor - Sweet Deal From Craigs List!
Instide of Dinette Seat - Stained white so it would be bright inside
Vintage Aluminum Suitcase Turned into Counter Top - No Veneer as Yet
Aluminum Skins Down for Pattern Making
New Front End
Roof Framing
New Plywood
Adirondack Roof Graphics - Painted Out from the "Shadow" Left of the Original
Yeah, More Rotten Plywood...More to Come...
Aliminum Side Skins
Getting U-G-L-Y
Ouch. That Hurts.
Front - Gone....


The Dorf said...

Great blog. I am renovating a metzendorf. Thankfully mine didn't need as much work. Love all the pictures!

Dixon said...

Thanks Dorf!

Metzendorfs are a really similar trailer to the Adirondack. Glad yours was an easier fix.

(Slow response appology - I Just figured out I had a "comments" section and how to use it!)