September 22, 2008

1957 Cardinal Travel Trailer - Interior and Exterior Photos

1957 Cardinal

Turquoise and White Exterior Paint - Original Graphics
                               Original Dinette Seats, Formica "Crushed Ice" Table Top. The serving tray was made from a Scrap Of the Original Formica Found In Trailer.

Woodwork Refinished, New Gingerbread Trim

 Original Formica - Right side upper cabinet was repaired - Repair photos on another post
Original Flooring was in excellent condition.
Rear Bed, Another View - New cushion covers.
 New "Coker" 4" Whitewall Tires
New "Cardinal" Decal
 Tropical Print Fabric Curtains With Gold Fringe at Hem
 Pillows & Bedding Coordinate with Curtains - Bed at Rear Pulls Out
This trailer had the original dinette seats, appliances, vinyl flooring and "crushed ice" yellow formica counter, backsplash & table. It was gone through and refurbished - new upper cabinet over stove was made and refaced to match the existing good curtains and bed upholstery, new shellac and trim inside, new exterior paint / aluminum polished and new Coker brand whitewall tires. More posts showing pictures of the cabinet repair, window replaced at door etc. on other dates.  Thanks for looking, and happy camping!


stanfield said...

A million thanks for posting your journey!

I've spent all day today following links to satisfy years of yearning for the rattling multi-colored trailer life.

Thinking about buy a canned ham just about similar to your turquoise gem.

Are you delighted by it? Spending time in it? Would you buy another? Do you sleep in the double-bed table setup?

Hope you report. Great blog. Great fotos. Thank you, thank you.

Rusty Bucket of Nuts said...

Thank YOU for the wonderful and kind words Stanfield!

We sold the Cardinal a while back. It now lives on Whidby Island. It was so much fun and so rewarding to work on, and yes, I still miss it.

It seems like there is always another one coming along though, and once you "do" one will either never want to do another, or become an old trailer "addict" like we are.

Be careful - it IS addictive! LOL!

All the best to you and your search for the perfect vintage tin can!


Donna said...

I have had a 1954 Cardinal waiting for me to restore since 1992. My brother has finally agreed to shake it out to see what falls off. I love it so much. Do you have trouble finding parts? I would love to know what kind of trouble you ran into, etc. Great looking trailer! It is almost exactly like mine on the inside.

Anonymous said...

We're down to the floor on our '57 Cardinal, nice to see what we'll look like when we're done! Lots of rebuilding to do, but what fun!

HandArts by Pam said...

Anonymous- We are just putting the walls back onour '57 Cardinal, new birch paneling, it's easier than the Scotty we did due to the framing. Hope to be all done by Memorial Day- wish us luck! This one is to keep, so far!