September 23, 2008

1961 Northwest Coach Vintage Travel Trailer / Canned Ham

Exterior Before:

Exterior After:
New Paint, Coker Whitewall Tires, Baby Moon Hubcaps

                                                                     Interior Photos
                                         The original dinette table was too beat up to keep.
                                                    New Laminate installed on table.

                       Table installed, with the original turquoise vinyl dinette seats & new tropical print curtains.

                                                 Woodwork - Original Icebox was Painted
                                                                Before: Old Counter
                       After: New Laminate Kitchen Counter in same laminate as the dinette table.
                                 Scalloped "gingerbread" woodwork installed at edge beneath counter top.
New Formica Installed on Original Dinette Table

                                                       The floor tiles are original to the trailer.

                                  New Paint on Exterior, Coker Whitewalls and Baby Moons.                                                             

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