April 23, 2009

Vintage 60's Mini-Winnie (Winnebago) Travel Trailer

As Found - Little Bitty Winnie - Check out the door glass!
Really good Shape...and no Goop on the Roof! Yes!

Not a big dent to be found, and the interior seems pretty tight!

The kitchen sits up at the front end.


SheltonDHW said...

What an excellent find! I love the trailer! Where did you find it? I have never heard of a Winnie travel trailer, but I am new to the vintage travel trailer lust sickness...

Rusty Bucket of Nuts said...

Thank You! It's actually a Winnebago trailer...but since it is so small the name "Winnie" seemed to suit it better.

We found it abandoned in someones front yard. Now working on getting the paperwork for it. Looks like it is a 1964 or 1965 because the tag on the stove says

Enjoy the old trailer "disease" - there is no other option once you are "infected" - You are now a member of the old trailer club.



Hi! we just purchased a 1972 Winnebago Indian travel trailer. I have found a site with the color manual, but having a hard time finding something on the original interior colors, layout, etc...any ideas?
New fan of vintage travel