March 18, 2010

New Exterior Paint on the Vintage "Mini Winnie" Winniebago Travel Trailer

Back to the original Winnebago circa 1964 red and white.

Here is a "Before" of the Winnie:
A couple more "Before" photos:

During painting:
Windows out...

Masked off, Primer On:
Body Is Now White:

Red Stripes Back On:

The Thousand Trails decal and bumper sticker were masked off and preserved...
Thousand Trails has been out of business for quite a while now.
Loading on the trailer - she sure looks tiny:
Zero Clearance!  Whew!

Interior Photos on another is a preview:
Thanks for looking, and happy camping!


PerfectSeas said...

I just bought a "vintage" 12' travel trailer that needs a lot of work. (i.e. Totally gutted, new 2 x 4's, etc.). I love the paneling you have on your red and white winnebago. What kind of wood did you use? I love the dark cherry color, but 1/4" luan is the only thing I can find and it seems too thick for the curve in the trailer. I can't find any paneling stained that dark. Any suggestions?

Joy said...

What a beauty!

Rusty Bucket of Nuts said...

Hi PerfectSeas -

The wood for the Winnie was purchased at Dunn Lumber (it may be a local to us in the Pacific NW store, I'm not sure). Anyway, I do know that people on the "Repairing Yesterdays Trailers" group I belong to over on are finding the 1/8" thick paneling...and these people are located all over the country.

I'm sure if you asked there, and said what state you are in, people would be glad to tell you where to go to find what you are looking for.

Also - the color in the Winnie basically comes from using Amber colored builds up the rich color with every coat. I love it.

There is a whole topic on what finish products to use over on the YUKU group too...everyone has their own personal favorite methods and products when it comes to refinishing the interior of one of these old trailers.

Interesting reading, and nice helpful people over there. Just a thought.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you - I wasn't checking my "comments" section lately.

I hope this helped some...if you are not already done with your interior that is!

Joy - Thanks a lot! :-)

Happy Camping!